In order to create an optimal environment for our products, our work is based on six core values: employees, customers, quality, improvement, responsibility and knowledge. These sustainable values create the basis for our actions. We all want to work successfully and maintain a trusting, open and honest relationship with each other.


  • We assume social responsibility by creating secure jobs
  • We assume ecological responsibility by using our environmental and ecological resources carefully and sparingly.
  • We assume economic responsibility by striving for steady sales growth and, at the same time, aligning ourselves healthily and in line with demand in order to secure and expand our market position.


  • We see our employees as our most important success factor
  • We create secure and future-oriented jobs for our employees
  • We develop our employees personally and professionally


  • We live quality in all aspects of our business and align our entire work accordingly
  • We put our system and our processes to the test at regular intervals both internally and externally
  • We pursue a zero-error strategy


  • We plan – We realize – We check – We act
  • We continue to develop our products, our processes and our services
  • We see in every risk an opportunity to improve


  • We see knowledge as a community resource
  • We share knowledge and work transparently
  • We acquire knowledge through further education and experience


  • We support our customers with their challenges
  • We strive for highest customer satisfaction
  • We always want to meet the requirements of our customers and exceed their expectations